Permanent link to archive for 2/8/01. Thursday, February 8, 2001
I had a fun time last night Ice Skating with my son Alex until about 8:30 when I fell. This is the result:

smFullHead: closeup:

Gory details: I was skating with Alex and I was practicing hockey stops (both blades turned sideways) was doing fine except for the last stop when all I can figure is my blades must of grabbed and I went head first onto the ice. The force of hitting the ice literally exploded the skin. At the hospital where I looked at it for the first time it was worse then I thought and I could actually see my skull. It took 6 subcutaneous stitches and 18 surface stitches to sew me back together.

Earlier that evening Alex said I should wear a helmet like he does. At the Hospital he said, "Daddy, I told you that you should have worn a helmet." --- 5 year olds....

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